Vision and Values: A Triple Bottom-Line Approach

ERT recognizes that today’s global, social and economic climate has changed considerably over the last decade. Businesses that wish to remain successful are coming to terms with the reality that ‘business as usual’ is no longer a viable option for success. As a new company, we have unique advantages in that, we are not burdened with the need to shed existing business practices that are no longer viable in today’s economy. ERT envisions itself as an innovative, environmentally, socially and fiscally responsible company that believes in creating local high quality jobs. Ethics, integrity, respect and “doing the right thing” extends to everything we do.


ERT believes the key to finding cost effective creative solutions to both old and new problems is innovation through creative thinking, the willingness to take appropriate risks and research. That’s how our founder, Dr. Ken Kayser, developed our break-through HE-ERV technology, a technology that will disrupt the HVAC industry as it exists today. ERT’s management team is committed to continue investment in research & development to further improve our existing products and technologies and to develop new ideas for the future.

Environmental Responsibility

ERT's Environmental Policy demonstrates ERT's commitment to environmental leadership in all of its business activities, ERT:
  • Commercializes the first and only High Efficiency Energy Recovery Ventilation (HE-ERV) system on the market, which helps commercial and residential building owners and tenants cut HVAC-related energy consumption, costs and CO2 emissions by >50%;
  • Integrates the consideration of environmental concerns and impacts into all its decisions in order to provide a safe and healthy workplace for its employees, to conserve natural resources, and to limit its impact on the environment;
  • Meets or exceeds all applicable Federal, State, and Local environmental laws and standards;
  • Monitors and acts to reduce its natural resources consumption and waste disposal;
  • Promotes environmental awareness among its employees through the Daily Environmental Policy Instructions, meetings and other initiatives;
  • Asks all employees to adopt its Environmental Policy, following the Instructions provided, and to contribute to its implementation and improvement by sharing comments and ideas. As part of its Social Responsibility, ERT encourages all employees to adopt environmental friendly behaviors in their lives;
  • Communicates its environmental commitment to suppliers and customers.

Social/Community Responsibility

ERT and Community Builders of Evanston
In addition to our commercial endeavors, we have chosen to make our products available and affordable, to lower income households through public housing authorities, where any kind of savings on energy costs can make a significant difference for a family’s quality of life and ability to remain in their homes. This market is available in part due to the current administration’s recognition of the need to reduce energy consumption and costs in low income housing and its allocation of funds, tax credits, and other incentives for this purpose.

ERT’s socially responsible business policies extend not only to our customers, but to our employees as well. ERT makes it a priority to hire individuals within the community who have had difficulties in getting or retaining jobs due to their social or educational background. We have a partnership with CBE (Community Builders of Evanston), local not for profit organization, to assist us in that process. Once hired, ERT will support these individuals by providing them with social skills training, green job training and basic life skills training. ERT has made arrangements with one of its local banks to have all employees be eligible for banking services and all employees will be paid through direct deposit. Additionally we provide strong incentives and encouragement to pursue and/or complete a higher education degree.

Economic/Fiscal Responsibility

We strongly believe that environmentally and socially responsible practices go hand in hand with fiscal responsibility. We understand that accountability to the bottom line is paramount to a successful businesses. Our Management Team is committed to the highest level of integrity and transparency in the financial and management results reported to our investors. Fiscal responsibility, however, does not relate solely to reporting. It begins with how we structure and run our business, how we interact with our employees, customers and communities. We are also committed to establishing the appropriate infrastructure to support the substantial growth we anticipate.